Hobby Designs & 3D Works

Living Room – Bar Design

My living room is where I spend most of my life. It has my computer, my recording equipment, all my instruments, and my recording booth in it. I have always wanted a bar in my house, but prices were too high. So I made my own. I designed this using Google SketchUp. I used wood to match the overall interior design of my living room.

A year later, I added the winery. (I mounted 4 parallel metal pipes under the bar.) Approximately 6 months after that, I added a small shot-glass shelf under the hanging wine glasses.

Open Studio Design

Almost every stage musician I’ve met in my life, complains that it’s hard being in the studio. Whether it’s the small, closed room, or tracking individually, not playing with the band etc. So I decided to design an open studio with my current knowledge. Of course it has flaws, but I had time in my hands, and I wanted to design a studio, in which musicians can enjoy recording, and feel comfortable. I’ve tried my best to use glasses to maintain eye-contact between musicians while keeping the resonance in mind. I used SketchUp to design the studio, because I started this as a hobby project. Later I exported the model, and calculated the inner acoustics using ODEON. I have to admit the results were not satisfying, but after a few quick material changes, I started getting decent results. ITD was better than I expected, and the experimental LeDe design worked pretty well without a control room glass. I used different layers of obstacles to stop the drums and guitars from leaking to the control room. So far my tests sound good in software, but real-life results always change. Here are some SketchUp rendered photos.

Vocal & Guitar Recording Booth Design

As a Music Tech. student living in a small apartment on the 7th floor, recording stuff in my living room at 3AM was a painful experience. So, in 2010, I designed a vocal/instrument booth. Basically, I built a mini-recording-room in my living room.  I needed a quick/rough design, because I knew acoustical-calculations and simulations change everything. So I used Google SketchUp to design the room, and ODEON to calculate the inner acoustics of the mini-recording-booth. Walls are the most critical part of the design, filled with 4cm rock-wool, 4cm glass-wool and 2cm air between them.

Resonance, is the biggest problem with vocal booths in general. To avoid extreme-resonance I tried my best to avoid using parallel surfaces, and tried to create a sweet-spot for my recording needs. Also, I needed this in my living room, so it had to be space efficient. My band had a double bass player, and I wanted him to be able to play his double-bass in this room. Also in the 3D design, there is a glass window, however after running acoustic simulations, I decided to remove that.

Here are some photos:

If you want to hear the results, I recorded all vocal, guitar and double bass parts of my band’s album “Lines We Drew” in this room. You can click here to listen to the album.