Lines We Drew

Lines We Drew (with Coldest Fall)

Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Compositions, Lyrics, Production, Tech : Can Özbay

Guitars & Experimental Instruments : Serkan Sandıkkaya

Drums, Tech : Elijah Wood

Artwork Photo : Elijah Wood

Coldest Fall Logo : Nurcan Durmaz


Band’s drummer Elijah, lives in New York, USA while the rest of the band lives in Izmir, Turkey.

This caused somewhat of a problem because it was difficult sending tracks back and forth, and collaborating on ideas. To overcome this huge difference, I used current technology to bring us together, virtually. While recording the album, Coldest Fall Turkey Studios, Me & Serkan, needed to hear Elijah’s drums (processed) in near-realtime, and Elijah needed to hear Me & Serkan (as a ‘talkback’).

Turkey Studios shared the computer’s screen that was recording the drums in New York Studios and New York Studios streamed the final output including the ‘talkback’ to Turkey Studios, with a max of 2 seconds delay. (with video) / (1/2 sec. w/o video) This system made it easy to share ideas, and to get an “extra ear” when coming up with parts. Without this system, “Lines We Drew” would have taken much longer because we would have needed to send HUGE files back and forth to exchange ideas.

Imagine Music Video

We wanted to celebrate John Lennon’s 70th birthday. We covered “Imagine”, and we wanted to show everyone, how people from distant countries can make stuff together too. Band’s drummer Elijah filmed his parts in NY, USA. Rest of the video was filmed in Izmir, Turkey. This video was featured in John Lennon’s official birthday channel on YouTube.

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